With This New Ad, Los Angeles Makes A Powerful Statement About Who’s Welcome In The City

It really hits home.

In an already diverse city of culture, a new ad by Los Angeles' tourism group encourages international visitors to embrace themselves and others.

Discover Los Angeles launched #EveryoneIsWelcome on April 18 to bring attention to the fact that the city welcomes people of all backgrounds to take part in everything the city has to offer. The ad comes after reports that the city is at risk of losing 800,000 international visitors and $736 million in spending through 2020 as a direct result of President Donald Trump's views on immigration and current relationship with Mexico, according to global research firm Tourism Economics.

"We felt compelled that we had to do something about this to try and mitigate these losses," Don Skeoch, Discover Los Angeles' chief marketing officer, said to Adweek.

Los Angeles isn't the first place to make sure immigrants and visitors feel welcome. Recently, Hofstra University in New York  and a police officer in Texas launched videos with the same positive messages,

With that in mind, the ad will run on local channels in the city. According to Skeoch, it will "reinforce why there is a tremendous amount of pride here in Los Angeles about being such a diverse, open and welcoming market," he said.

According to Discover Los Angeles' website, the ad was directed by Isaac Ravishankara, a resident of the city, who wanted to convey an open invitation to outsiders.

"I wanted to be involved in this piece because it encapsulates things I am passionate about: diversity, inclusivity, community, he said on the website. "We used real Angelenos with amazing stories and backgrounds — one of my mandates. I think the video is a beautiful example of how Los Angeles welcomes world visitors with open arms."

Skeoch hopes that the ad will show viewers an honest side of Los Angeles.

"We have to be true to who Los Angeles is, and we did not want this spot to come off as overtly commercial or overtly emotional," he said. "We want it to be viewed as very authentic, genuine and sincere."


Check out the ad below:

(H/T: Adweek)


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