Army Vet's Response To Neighbor Who Claimed He Didn't Look Disabled Is Beyond Epic

Don't mess with a vet.

Army vet and Reddit user Molochwalker28 is used to standing up for his country, but because of a recent incident with a judgmental neighbor, he had to stand up for himself. 

Molochwalker28 is disabled, after sustaining injuries while abroad and has a disabled veteran license plate tag to indicate as much. But that wasn't enough for his neighbor, who left him a nasty note because they didn't believe he "looked" disabled. 

The note read:

"Hey buddy, Stop parking in handicapped spots!!! You DO NOT have a sticker nor do you look handicapped. I have taken a picture of your license plate and sent it to the office or towing by the courtesy officer. Stop being a jerk!!!"

Not a smart move, considering that even though 1 in 2 people have some sort of chronic illness, most of them aren't physical. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, as of 1997, only 7 million Americans of the 26 million that have a disability actually use a wheelchair, cane or walker. 

The army vet's epic response reflected that and so much more. 

"First and foremost: In the state of Texas, if a vehicle has DISABLED VETERAN license plates, that vehicle is not required, BY LAW, to have a handicapped placard displayed, nor a handicapped emblem on the license plate, UNLESS that vehicle is parked on FEDERAL property. If you had bothered to spend 30 seconds and pull the miniature computer out of your pocket to research this then you would have never needed to leave me this offensive note," he began.


He then went on to inform the neighbor that there is no way to "look" disabled:


"Although I may not 'look' handicapped to you, I can assure you that the amount of pain I feel in my lower body from walking due to combat-sustained injuries far supersedes any level of pain you have ever felt in your entire life."

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He then ended with so much class we cannot even handle it. 

"I'm going to frame it so I can look at it every day as to remind myself of what kind of person to NOT be," he wrote. 

Early September, a woman in a wheelchair because of a brain surgery, who appeared healthy, responded to her haters on social media as well. Other's also chimed in about their experiences on the vet's Reddit post with snap judgements they've gotten, proving that non-vets or vets, the assumptions made against people with invisible illnesses are all too common. 

"I used to have one because my leg from knee down is paralyzed. 80% of the time I parked in handicap parking someone would make a comment asking what my disability was because I am 30," one commenter wrote on the Reddit thread. "Once at Top Golf the valet called the cops. They arrived just as I was going to my car to get something. I had to show my ID so they could check the card was for me. All the while everyone was stopping to watch the whole thing. I don't go to Top Golf anymore."

He then made an incredible point: "Not everyone wants to tell you about their disability and it frankly is no one's business."


(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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