Bride And Groom Pose With Their Dip-And-Kissing Parents To Show Love Through The Generations

"You realize how rare and special it is to have parents that love each other so much."

On October 7 at Essex Park in Conn., newlyweds, Kalin, 28, and Matt Haley, 28, took a steam train ride with guests to The Lace Factory in Deep River for their reception and some wedding photos. It was then that photographer Ashley Abel had the idea to have the bride and groom take the ultimate couples photo with their in-laws.


"I wanted to do something different," Ashley told A Plus. "The bride's parents and the groom's parents were so cute with each other, and you could tell they are both still really in love."

In the photo, Kalin and Matt share a loving kiss at the center of a railroad, with each set of parents on either side. What really makes this moment special is the classic dip-and-kiss move done by the parents. "We had wanted a photo of both our parents," Kalin told A Plus. "When everyone gathered around, Ashley said 'OK everyone kiss!' Our parents were very hesitant, but my dad dipped my mom and Matt's dad just followed suit!"

Both the bride and groom's parents have been together for a long time — Kalin's parents, who are on the right, have been married for 30 years and Matt's parents, who are the left, have been married for nearly 50 . "Both our dads are very much in love with our mothers," the new Mrs. Haley said. "And it doesn't take much to convince my dad to kiss my mom!"

Having grown up with such lovebirds as their role models, it's no surprise that the newlyweds have been together for 10 years. "We started dating in high school," Kalin said. "So both our parents really know each other and it was very natural for them to relax and have some fun with this photo."

As for how the family is reacting to their photo going viral, Matt told us, "it's great recognition for our photographer and exciting to be able to share what a great day our wedding was and what an exceptional girl I married." Ashley is also pleased at how much the photo has touched so many people. "This wedding was one of my favorites," she said. "So I am super excited that this picture has been posted all over. I think it shows no matter how old you are, love is still love."

"To me this photo signifies the bond between our families," Kalin said. "I think, as kids, you get so grossed out when your parents kiss, but as adults you realize how rare and special it is to have parents that love each other so much. This picture allows us to celebrate that."

(H/T: Yahoo Life)


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