Ellen Surprises Inspirational Basketball Coach Who's Paying Out Of Pocket To 'Make Sure That No Kid Ever Feels Abandoned'

The world needs more people like Lenair Young.

Sitting in the audience at The Ellen Show, basketball coach Lenair Young, aka Dinero, watches as Ellen DeGeneres' correspondent tells his story from Brooklyn, N.Y.

"The person we are surprising today started an after-school program that has helped countless students get free college education. He's constantly paying out of his own pocket to provide for this program," she says on camera. "He's absolutely amazing."

With that, DeGeneres calls Young to the stage, who appears visibly shocked. 

"I'm like, hold up ... that sounds like my story," he says. 


Young's story begins when he was adopted at the age of 3. 

"A lot of people made fun of me and made me feel like I was abandoned at a young age," he tells DeGeneres. 

That said, he "wanted to make sure that no kid ever feels abandoned or feels like they don't have a family or a place to go," he continues.  

So, he started Drill Masters, an after-school basketball program that aims to motivate kids to be the best they can be.

"We make sure that everybody succeeds, everybody gets into school for free, and that they are outstanding, upstanding pillars of the community."

Young's students focus on school first and basketball second. Through his work, Drill Masters has a 90-95 percent success rate of students getting into college — for free. 

DeGeneres then surprises Young with the opportunity to win money for his program by shooting basketballs into a hoop alongside one of his students. Afterward, she rounds the donation to $20,000, thanks to Shutterfly. 

We couldn't think of someone more deserving than this incredible coach and person.

Be sure to watch the full video below for more:


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