Family Wears Red Lipstick To Support 9-Year-Old Male Cousin Who Loves Makeup

"We owe the responsibility of giving every younger kid a safe space to embrace his place within the gender spectrum."

Diksha Bijlani's 9-year-old cousin — who she calls "Little Cuz" — loves to wear makeup and nail polish. Unfortunately, the 22-year-old from New Delhi, India says that her young cousin is often made fun of for his interest in beauty in her "stereotypical alpha male-centric household." 


In a Twitter thread, Bijlani explains how Little Cuz hid under the bed and under the curtain after being called names, and being misidentified as transgender. That was when Bijlani, and the other older cousins in the family, decided to do something to show their support. 

The elder cousins all donned red lipstick to show their support for Little Cuz and to make him feel more accepted.

Bijlani told CNN that when Little Cuz saw her brother Geet Bijlani wearing red lipstick he began to feel more confident. "He peeped out and saw my brother wearing it and smiled," Bijlani said. "He saw me clicking [sic] my brother with it and the cousins around us clapping. So, he slowly slid out from under the bed and posed for us, too. His comfort meter went up slowly with time." 

"In a while, he was flaunting the lipstick to other people in the house."

Bijlani championed the importance of giving everyone freedom to express themselves. "[It's] so important to tell little kids gender is a spectrum, a repertoire of places they can visit without losing their identity," she said. "I hope all of us tell kids we know that they are valid, they are accepted, and they are beautiful today. I hope we don't become the bullies we warn them of."

The Twitter thread was posted on June 18 and it has received a massive response with people commending the older cousins for creating a space for Little Cuz. Some Twitter users are even showing their support for the young boy by wearing makeup and nail polish.

One June 21, Bijlani posted an update, revealing that she and Little Cuz had a phone call where he showed off his lipstick collection.

(H/T: Yahoo)


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