Thousands Of Ugandans Die Each Year Giving Birth. Here’s How Diddy Is Battling That Stat.

"It’s important to give back, it’s important to be an agent of change."

Sean Combs has been known by many names throughout his career — Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, and Diddy — but his legacy will be more than that. For example, the mogul just announced that he'll be donating $200,000 to help those in Uganda in regards to maternal health care.


"It's important to give back, it's important to be an agent of change," Diddy said in a video announcing the good deed. "That's a core part of being down with the Bad Boy family."

The 48-year-old is referring to French Montana, a rapper on his label who started the Unforgettable health care campaign in the African country after shooting the music video for "Unforgettable" in Kampala, Uganda's capital city. He partnered with two organizations, Mama Hope and Global Citizen, to expand and improve upon the Suubi "Hope" Health Center there, which serves a rural population in the Ugandan city Budondo.

According to the World Health Organization, the maternal mortality ratio has decreased by nearly 50 percent since 1990, looking at women aged 15 to 49. In 1990, the ratio was 687 deaths per 100,000 live births. As of 2015, that number has dropped to 343. This has led to a decrease in maternal deaths among women of reproductive age, decreasing from 17.7 percent to 13.4 percent in regards to causes of death.

"I've always said my purpose is to inspire and empower the next generation to become great leaders — and to honor their hustle along the way. In addition to passing the torch to French, I'm showing my support for the work he is doing in Uganda," Diddy told Rolling Stone.

Diddy clarified that Ciroc would be donating $100,000 and he would match that with the second $100,000 amount. This comes after French Montana donated an initial $100,000 and fellow performer The Weeknd contributed $100,000. This $400,000 total will be a big help in building maternal health care accommodations, including things such as a new prenatal care clinic, a new birth house, and a new ambulance — just to name a few upgrades.


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