Graffiti Artist Uses Stop Animation To Make Paint Drip Down Walls — And It's Mesmerizing

This is awesome.

Dian, a street artist, creates works of graffiti art that transform — literally — right before your eyes.

In multiple videos uploaded to TVLifeisPorno, a YouTube channel for the art label, Life is Porno, Dian's work starts out as one thing and moves around the wall to create something entirely different.

According to a caption on "Brooklyn Bullshit Elephant," highlighting one of Dian's works in Brooklyn, artist's stop-frame animations can be found in Europe, New York City, and all around the world. 

This is his "animated reality," the caption reads. 


In "Brooklyn Bullshit Elephant," a plant-like image grows up a brick wall and bursts, dripping red and green paint down the wall and morphing into the shape of an elephant. Then, the bright paint wipes away and a grey, smiling elephant emerges from a broken wall.

Each step is without computer animation, according to the video. In other words, every change happens thanks to the artist. 

It's done so perfectly and with such attention to detail so that the flip book-like video can come to life.

In another video, entitled "Warsaw elephant," a zebra-striped elephant stands against a red background. Then, paint seemingly drips over the elephant, covering it completely, and text appears on the backdrop.

We'll have these on loop all day.

Be sure to watch the full videos below:

(H/T: Design Taxi)


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