Devonta Freeman Helps Out An Elderly Neighbor, Cements Himself As The Ultimate Good Guy

"You can just get my number and call me."

Last season, Devonta Freeman became a breakout star for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons and millions of lucky fantasy owners. Because he's relatively short running back at 5-foot-9, the odds have been stacked against him his whole life, but packing more than 200 pounds of weight and a positive attitude into that frame along the way has helped him become a bona fide star.

It's natural to root for an underdog and rejoice when he finally "makes it," but on top of that status, Freeman is also apparently a gem off the field. As ESPN reports, while he was walking through his neighborhood this week, the football player came across an 82-year-old woman and her daughter-in-law struggling to finish mowing their lawn. Because he's the ultimate good guy, he immediately came over to help unload the lawnmower. 

"I was just walking in the neighborhood and I saw this old lady, and it was motivation to me because she was out there cutting her grass and trying to [remove] the bag from the lawnmower," Freeman told the media on Wednesday. "So, I was like, 'You can just get my number and call me. Whenever you need your grass cut, I'll do it for you.' "


While it's the first such random act of kindness we've heard about, Freeman's teammates weren't the least bit surprised.

"He has a big heart," right tackle Ryan Schraeder said. "You can see that from the first time you meet him. He has a passion for people. Going back to the neighborhood he grew up in during the offseason, talking to kids, being a positive role model, he understands what it is all about. He lives it. We all admire the person he is."

"He's just a good person overall," nose tackle Joey Mbu added. "Throughout all the success [last year], he was the same down-to-earth, humble dude."

So if you somehow didn't have enough of a reason to root for Freeman's success in the NFL already, now you know the guy doesn't just do good deeds here and there — he lives for them. That should do it.

Cover image: bryanszendel Instagram


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