Complete Strangers Are Crowdfunding Treatment For This 6-Year-Old's Rare Cancer


During a family snowboarding trip this winter, 6-year-old Devin Suau fell and hit his head. Fearing a concussion, his parents took him to a doctor. That's when they discovered that he had a rare and particularly difficult-to-treat type of inoperable brain tumor sitting on his brain stem. 

Doctors have assessed his life expectancy to be between eight months to two years.

His parents, James and Christine, however, are not giving up so easily.

The family is trying to raise money for clinical trials and to help pay for his radiation treatments as they buy time. 

They're doing so via a GoFundMe account set up by Amy Suau Biggin, Devin's aunt.

If you'd like to contribute – as you have so often before – you may do so here.


We continue to hold out hope for Devin and send our best wishes to his family.


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