How A 9-5 Job Negatively Affects Your Body And The Best Way To Counteract It

You can make it much better.

For many people, sitting at a desk for the majority of the day, from 9-5, feels second nature. But how is this sedentary, screen-staring lifestyle affecting people's health? 

In an important video, Elite Daily highlights some of the negative ways your job may be affecting your body and health. And though it may be alarming, the video also provides one of the best ways to counteract such issues so that you can adjust your lifestyle and leave work knowing you've done your body some good.

To begin, here are some of the effects on your body and mind:


"Sitting for most of the day has similar affects on your health as smoking does. It can cause heart disease, obesity, cancer, and many other life-threatening illnesses."

"The act of staring at a screen all day harms your vision. This is why many people experience headaches or migraines after working on the computer for long stretches of time."

"Your keyboard can have up to five times as many germs as a bathroom."

So what's one way to counteract this? Get outside!

Take that call in the fresh air, go for a walk without your devices, sit and eat lunch at a local park, or do whatever you need to do to embrace the outdoors. You'll be glad you did! 

Check out the full video below for more information:


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