This Photo Of Her 'Striped' Postpartum Tummy Shows The Power Of Motherhood

"To all women, you are a powerful female."

According to one popular mantra, life's about the journey, not the destination. For mothers across the globe, this saying couldn't be more accurate. After all, motherhood extends well beyond the act of giving birth — it's what happens before and after this singular moment that define the lifelong adventure. That's why Desiree Fortin, blogger and mother of triplets, recently posted the now-viral image of her postpartum body.

On Instagram, Fortin posted an image of her abdomen in celebration of moms at all stages of their motherhood journey. From those with children, to those who hope to have children, Fortin's "Powerful Female" shirt honors the strength of all women.

"To the Mama who carried a baby, you're a powerful female. Your body may have changed, but it is covered in beauty," Fortin wrote. "To the woman who doesn't have stripes like mine, but wishes she did, whatever your story is now-whatever struggle you are facing, you are strong. You are brave. You are a powerful female."

Fortin, whose Instagram boasts more than 52.5K followers, operates her own blog, where she's chronicled her own struggles with fertility and conception. Although she now focuses on the ups and downs of raising her 3-year-old triplets, Fortin understands that the path toward motherhood isn't always linear and that there can be many unexpected obstacles along the way.

"To the Mama who lost her son or daughter too soon, whether it was during pregnancy or after, you're so strong. My heart breaks with you. You face your days with a brave heart and I see your strength. you're a powerful female," Fortin said. "To the woman neck deep in postpartum struggles. The journey is hard, but you're such a great mom! You're a powerful female." 


"To the woman struggling with anxiety or depression, one day at a time. You can overcome! You are a powerful female. To the young woman dreaming big things, you're a powerful female and you can do anything you put your mind to."

Fortin also recognizes that "mommy guilt" can get the better of some women, as there's always that nagging feeling that they could be doing more for their children at any given moment.

"To the working mom, thanks for providing for your family! You're a powerful female! To the stay at home mom, I see you! You're a powerful female," she wrote. 

"To the older woman going back to school for her college degree! You're a role model," she added. "You're a powerful female."

Above all else, Fortin also can't wait to see what the future hold in store for her own daughter and what her journey will be like as she grows.

"To my daughter, who has a gentle heart and sees the world as only good and a big big place, you are a powerful female. And I can't wait to see who you become and the impact you have on this world." 

Ultimately, Fortin wants every woman to recognize that they're powerful females — something one can easily forget in today's divisive world — because no two journeys are the same. Everyone must fight their own battles, and we should never shame one another, for we are all strong and special in our own way.

Cover image via KieferPix / Shutterstock


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