Meet The Designer Dad Who Creates One-Of-A-Kind Disney Costumes For His Family

They're practically perfect in every way.


Every year, millions of dads take their kids to Disneyland, but very few have brought Disneyland to their kids. Through one-of-a-kind, intricate costumes based on beloved Disney movie characters, former high-fashion designer Nephi Garcia has made magic for his three children. Layers upon layers of tulle and incandescent fabric go into every custom creation, but as his Designer Daddy YouTube tutorials prove, it's always a labor of love. 

Garcia specializes in crafting pint-sized princess dresses for his daughter Lili, often with an extra twist of magic. His most famous creation may be his Beauty and the Beast two-in-one dress, which transforms Belle's blue-and-white village outfit into her glamorous golden ball gown. 

One might say Garcia's stunning creations are "practically perfect in every way." His daughter certainly thinks so. "Lili really loves the transformation dresses," he told BuzzFeed. "And my son really loves to be dressed as the villains, especially Gaston." 

The first costume Garcia ever made, however, wasn't a princess dress. It was a Fairy Godmother costume made for Lili out of scrap materials while he and his family were visiting Disneyland. An instant success, Garcia started his Designer Daddy Instagram account and received 10 costume orders overnight. Since then, his home-grown company has exploded in popularity with both children and adults. He's already got his hands full with orders for more than a year, according to the Huffington Post

Besides costumes for his three children, he also designs breathtaking adult-sized gowns that take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours to complete. In the future, Garcia hopes to create costumes for Broadway shows or live-action movies, though he'll "never give up making pieces for people who are not in the industry," especially those who he just happens to be related to — and loves more than anything. 


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