5 Signs You Don't Love Yourself The Way You Should, And How To Fix It


It's easy to love yourself during good times. But even during bad times, we should strive for self-respect because it is healthy and an incredible power booster. And if you constantly have low self-esteem, you need to turn that around.

Here are 5 signs that don't love yourself the way that you deserve to be loved:


1. You are always doubting yourself.

Before you begin a task, it's important to have the self-esteem and positive outlook to successfully complete those tasks. If you have doubts in your abilities to succeed from the onset, then you will likely meet those low expectations because of your negative outlook.

2. You keep remembering previous failures.

We've all had good and bad memories, but if you constantly focus solely on failures then your judgement will become clouded. It is not healthy to steadily recall these negative experiences because it will lower your self-respect. 

3. You unnecessarily compare yourself to others.

When comparing yourself to others, you might not understand all of the variables and then you'll judge yourself too harshly.

4. Constantly seeking the approvals of others.

A major sign that you might not love yourself enough is that you are always seeking the approval of others. But it's your own approval that matters the most.

5. Overtly critical of yourself.

While it's appropriate to give yourself constructive criticism, it gets out of hand when you beat yourself up over every little failure. This is exacerbated when you start to blame yourself for things you didn't even do or couldn't control. The best solution is to praise yourself for all of your successes, admit that setbacks are inevitable, and recognize those things that aren't under your control.


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