After Learning This Teen Walks 5 Miles To Work Every Day, His Co-Workers Bought Him A Car

"You're got your own ride now."

Commuters understand how exhausting it is to wake up extra early to get to work on time. But 19-year-old Derrick Taylor, a UPS employee, has it extra hard, as he wakes up the middle of the night to walk five miles to work his 4 a.m. shift. 

According to Today, Taylor's job helps him support his family, and he cannot afford his own car. However, his co-workers in Oxford, Alabama were so impressed with his efforts that they decided to pitch in and purchase a used Jeep Cherokee for him. 


They presented the car to Taylor and captured his reaction on video.

In the video, Taylor's co-worker, J.D. Ward, explains how hard-working Taylor is before announcing the good news. 

"You've got your own ride now," Ward says. "We appreciate your hard work." 

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