This Dunk Will Leave You With All Type Of Crooked Emoji Faces

10 out of 10

If you don't know UNLV commit Derrick Jones, you sure will now.


He just graduated high school and will certainly be popping up on SportsCenter quite often in the future.

The 6'6'' 4-star small forward landed an insane windmill dunk from the foul line!

Many regard him as the best dunker in high school, according to Bleacher Report.

His ridiculous dunk simply speaks for itself.

But this is no accident. He has a slew of highlight reel dunks! Check out this one. We don't even know what to call it besides "amazing."

"The face you make when ya boy lands a dunk you had no idea was even possible."

This one had a suitable reaction of simply "Jesus Christ."

You can follow Derrick Jones on Twitter and Instagram

Best of luck! We're sure it's going to be EXACTLY like this when you walk through the halls of UNLV!


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