At First, You'd Never Guess There Was Anything Unusual About This Man. Then He Takes Off His Makeup.

Ummmm. Woah.

Take a good, long look at Canadian artist Rick Genest. Notice anything unusual?


Don't worry. We didn't see anything either...

...until he took off his shirt...

...and started doing THIS:

But why is he scrubbing his body like that?

Oh, it's to take off his skin. That's why.

Because his "skin" is actually ALL makeup. Underneath, he's completely tattooed.

Now it makes sense why Genest is also known as Zombie Boy. 


The team removing the makeup is from Dermablend Professionals, a brand of makeup designed for camouflage.

Here's what he looks like in the end:

Can you believe it's the same guy from the beginning?

Watch the video to see the whole incredible process unfold.

To learn more about Dermablend Professional, visit here. Check out Rick Genest's website here. 

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