Watch Kevin Durant, J.J. Watt, And Derek Jeter Show The Power Of Making A Difference

Totally inspiring.

A series of news advertisements featuring Derek Jeter, formerly of the New York Yankees, Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors, and J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans prove that to be a real MVP, you need to make a difference by helping people in the community.

The three ads were created by agency BBDO on behalf of American Family Insurance.

The first ad — called "School on Wheels" — features a teacher who volunteers by tutoring local homeless children.

"The average age of a homeless person in the U.S. is 9 years old," Charles Evans says in the video. "I always try to remind people of that because we don't really think of kids as being homeless."

Jeter, Durant, and Watt surprise Evans in the video by showing up at one of his tutoring sessions to help read books and do math equations with the children.

"That's something these kids are going to remember for a lifetime," Evans said.


In the second ad — entitled "With Love Market" — Jeter, Durant, and Watt volunteer at a café that specializes in local and healthy food. The athletes carry food and assist costumers.

The final ad — called "Hometown Hero" — features a young boy named James who thinks he is going to be on a talk show to discuss how his mother supports his dream of dancing. Instead, he learns that he's really here to meet his hero, Durant.

During the ad, Durant writes a special message for the boy: "Always believe that anything is possible."

(H/T: Adweek)


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