Can Denzel Washington Remember His Old Movie Lines? Jimmy Kimmel Found Out.

"I didn't say it like that."

Oscar-nominated actor Denzel Washington has had so many movie roles over the years, we couldn't blame him if he had trouble remembering some of the specifics — like dialogue, for example. But as Jimmy Kimmel found out Tuesday night, Washington actually has a pretty good memory.

In a game called "Did I Say That?" Kimmel presents Washington with a movie line, and it's his job to identify whether or not he said it in one of his own movies. The twist is that all the lines are read by regular people at the farmer's market, so their delivery may not be the most accurate.

Things start off a little shaky, with Washington failing to identify a biblical line his character said in The Book of Eli. "That's because I'm in character, I don't remember," he argues. 

But the actor does much better with later lines, from movies such as Malcolm X and Flight. He even correctly identifies the lines he didn't say, from titles like Jurassic Park. And he's not afraid to point out when one of the farmer's market patrons gets it wrong: "I didn't say it like that."

Kimmel could create a whole new game out of things Washington has said in real life. Last weekend, he delivered an inspiring speech at the NAACP Image Awards, where he told the audience, "Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship."


Check out the full game in the video below:

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