Obese Wiener Dog Loses 44 Pounds Thanks To One Simple Diet Trick

Good work, Dennis!

Thanks to a new owner and diet that doesn't include fast food, an overweight dachshund named Dennis will have a new lease on life. 

Dennis' owners irresponsibly fed him a diet of White Castle hamburgers and pizzas, contributing to his 56-pound frame. His belly dragged on the floor, and he would not have survived much longer in his current condition. 

ABC reports that Brooke Burton, a 27-year-old nurse from Columbus, Ohio, adopted the six-year-old pup from the relative who previously had him. She put him on a strict exercise regime and a diet of dry dog food. 

Now, he's back to a healthy 12-pound frame. 


The Columbus Dispatch reported that Dennis underwent a tummy tuck and skin-removal surgery. 

"I would say that, after a month of taking care of him, he realized I was helping him," Burton told the Dispatch.

Dr. Kathleen Ham, an assistant professor in the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, performed the first of three surgeries in December 2013, which were funded by a GoFundMe. 

Dennis' story, much like Obie's story, another overweight dog with a remarkable weight loss tale, has a happy ending. But the animal obesity problem persists.  

According to a Pet Obesity Prevention survey, 53 percent of dogs are overweight or obese. Like humans, overweight animals face serious health risks including diabetes, liver problems, joint pain and shorter life span.  

"Obesity is a risk for many dogs, affecting not only their health but also their quality of life," Dr. Alex German, director of the Royal Canin Weight Management Clinic at the University of Liverpool, told Cesar's Way. "Weight loss can play an important role in keeping your dog both healthy and happy."

In Dennis' case, monitoring diet, getting proper exercise and eliminating burgers is a great way to start.

Check out Dennis' "before" & "after" photos in the video below.

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Cover Photo via YouTube.


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