Nick Jonas And Demi Lovato Complete Hilarious Tasks Based On Twitter's Votes

Pure entertainment for everyone.

Much like a "choose your own adventure story," the Twitter universe was given the opportunity to make decisions for Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato in a hilarious video for BuzzFeed.

First, Jonas and Lovato tweet out a series of questions to their Twitter fans with polls attached, asking them things like: "Which food should we eat?" and "Demi needs her makeup done! Should I do it? Or should she do it with her non-dominant hand?"

Then, depending on the results, the pair completes each of the tasks on camera, laughing through the whole thing.

One thing we'll never forget? Jonas is surprisingly good at liquid liner. And that's no easy task. 


At the end of the video, Jonas and Lovato take off in an epic motorized scooter race to see "who's the best person." 

See who wins in the full video below:


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