Watch Demi Lovato Completely Shock Unsuspecting Lyft Customers In New Prank

"It's a job that's cool for the summer."

Demi Lovato took some time off from her Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas to prank some unsuspecting Lyft customers in Denver. While we're not exactly sure how people didn't recognize Shaq during his prank, we can see how Richard Sherman and Lovato's aviators could throw people off.


During her fares, under the disguise of "Sam," she talks to her customers about her aspirations to one day become a singer. She even tells them that in order turn her passion into a career, she's been touring the country with her ex-boyfriend's brother. Awkward. To show off her pipes, she even invites her customers to sing a Camp Rock song with her.

Some of her fares seemed to be more interested in the Jonas Brothers and one even told Lovato that she thinks Selena Gomez is a better singer than Lovato. Umph. Another one of her customers enjoyed the Carpool Karaoke Lovato did with Jonas and James Corden. Sam thought Lovato was really "annoying," though. After some time getting to know each other, it was time for the big reveal. 

Watch below to see how her other customers reacted. No feelings were hurt in the making of this video. All's fair in love and Lyft pranks.


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