Here's Why Demi Lovato's Shocking Social Media Break Is An Inspiration To Us All

You can control how it affects you.

If you were looking to stay "Cool for the Summer" with Demi Lovato, you better start following her on Snapchat.


The singer announced today that she will be taking a break from Twitter and her 36 million followers due to all of the negativity she constantly has to deal with. She also said that she will be leaving Instagram as well, where she has 40 million followers.

For most people, giving up millions of followers would be tough, but in hindsight it could be a good thing she's taking a break from a few social platforms. 

For one, as demonstrated in a short film titled Otherwise Engaged, a woman is so distracted by her social media updates, she completely zones out of reality during her engagement proposal and misses the moment.

Therefore, this could be an effective way for Lovato to return to what's going on directly around her.

With that many followers, it makes sense the negativity can certainly add up very quickly.

We all know that internet trolls sometimes don't even know much or anything about an artist, yet constantly fling out negative sentiments at every waking moment for attention. 

With notifications at the tip of our fingers, we can find ourselves rhythmically pulling out our phones like we've somehow been programmed to do it.

Artist Antoine Geiger's recently demonstrated this in his SUR-FAKE photo series. He wrote about the artwork, saying about the phone, "It's everywhere. In your pocket, your car, your apartment, your street."

Due to the constant engagement phones demand and the negativity that can come with them, we can certainly empathize with Lovato's need to tone it down a bit for a little while.

When A Plus's Emma Renton took a break from social media for 72 hours, she discovered it strongly affected how she felt, similarly to Lovato.

Renton wrote, "I hate that it can occasionally impact my mood or take me away from the very moment I'm living in. With all this in mind, I realized it was probably time for a break ..."

However, if you would still like to follow Lovato, she gave all of her fans her Snapchat handle so they can keep up with her there instead.

She also lamented about the people who don't like her and constantly feel the need to talk about her instead of focusing on something positive she did.

She mentioned her mental health charity, Be Vocal, as an example of something people could talk more about instead.

You can learn more about her charity here.

We can certainly understand how it can become too much. Hopefully, Snapchat provides some more filtered boundaries where she can go about her life with some peace.

It should be noted though that Twitter has rolled out a new way for celebrities to engage with their many fans. 

It is called Twitter Engage and as the social media platform writes in its blog post, "Twitter Engage surfaces the most important follows and @mentions from influencers and loyal fans, providing an effortless way to stay plugged into Twitter."

Perhaps Lovato can try out the new feature, if and when she returns. Until then, so long, Demi.


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