This Is The Powerful Reason Why The Kardashians Inspired Demi Lovato To Be More Confident

"I should really be proud of my curves."


In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Demi Lovato says the Kardashians inspired her to be proud of her body.

"When I was growing up at the kind of age when your body starts changing and you want to be cool," Lovato explains in the video above, "It was in [an] era when very, very, very thin people were the popular people in Hollywood."

And at that time, those people were the ones Lovato looked up to. 

But "when the Kardashians came on the scene, that was the first time that I really associated curves with beauty," Lovato recalls, adding that though she still struggled with body image and eating, Kim's curves made her proud of her own.

Now, Lovato, who just released her latest album Confident, says she wants to "be the difference" for future generations.

Recently, Lovato also shot an editorial for Vanity Fair magazine in which she posed naked and without any makeup. Moreover, the photos were not photoshopped. "I want it to be real, I want it to be authentic," she explains, referring to the shoot.

Evidently, she's making a difference indeed.


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