Jimmy Fallon And Demi Lovato Carry On A Conversation By Lip-Synching To Popular Songs

From "Look What You Made Me Do" to "Despacito."

At this point, you've likely seen your fair share of Lip Sync Battles — or at least heard about them. But what about a Lip Sync Conversation?

This week on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and his BFF Demi Lovato showed us how it's done when they carried on a casual chat by lip-synching the lyrics to various popular songs by everyone from Taylor Swift to Harry Styles to Lovato herself.

It all starts when Fallon enters Lovato's dressing room by singing the opening lines to Adele's "Hello." Eventually, the two are sitting on the sofa exchanging song snippets.


Things take a turn when Fallon hands Lovato a cup of water and spills it. "Look what you made me do," the singer complains, in Taylor Swift's voice.

The host responds by channeling Lovato's recent track "Sorry Not Sorry" as an apology (or not). When he breaks down crying over his clumsiness, Lovato knows just what to say.

"Just stop your crying, it's a sign of the times," she tells him, lip-synching to Harry Styles.

Eventually, the pair decide to kick off the fall season by apple-picking with Fallon's adorable puppy, who just so happens to be named "Despacito."

Check out the whole conversation in the video below:


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