Demi Lovato Had To Cancel A Concert, But That Didn't Stop Her Fans From Coming Together

"We love her, we care for her and we're going to stand by her."

Following her hospitalization last week, singer Demi Lovato had to cancel a scheduled performance in Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, that didn't stop a group of her fans from putting on their own concert in the singer's honor. According to E! News, fans Paige Robison and Jake Rudzinski helped organize the heartwarming event.


"We were all looking forward to the concert and the disappointment of it not going on, it being canceled, it motivated me to want to still get the people who traveled all this way together to show our support to Demi, to let her know that we love her, we care for her and we're going to stand by her," Robison told the site, calling the fandom "family."

Fans who attended the gathering posted videos on Twitter with the hashtag #LovaticsTakeAC. The impromptu concert was also live-streamed for those who couldn't be there, and the fans took requests for songs to sing from those watching.

In an emotional moment, the attending fans sang Lovato's recent single "Sober," in which she revealed that she had relapsed after six years of sobriety. The singer's rep said last week that she was "awake and with her family" following a reported drug overdose.

Last week, fans responded to news of Lovato's hospitalization by showing their support on social media with the hashtag #HowDemiHasHelpedMe. They shared how the singer's openness about her struggles with substance abuse and mental illness positively affected their lives.

"We just want her to know that we are still here and we love her so much," Rudzinski told E! News. "She always says 'Stay strong' and that's what we want to do. We used the hashtag #prayfordemi and #staystrongdemi. We hope that she sees it!"

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