Demi Lovato's Latest 'Confident' Performance Comes With A Powerful Message

"We can do better."

Monday marked the start of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The first night featured speeches and performances from various public figures, including singer Demi Lovato, who spoke about the importance of mental health reform.

Demi, who has been open about her personal experience with bipolar disorder and drug addiction, explained that not all mentally ill people are as lucky as she was to receive treatment.

"Unfortunately, too many Americans from all walks of life don't get help, either because they fear the stigma or cannot afford treatment," she said.

She went on to emphasize the importance of educating people about mental illness and passing legislation that would help those who are struggling with its effects.

"I urge every politician to support laws that will provide access to better healthcare and support for everyone," she said. "This is not about politics, it's simply the right thing to do."

Demi shared her support for nominee Hillary Clinton and moved into a performance of her hit song "Confident," which took on new meaning following her powerful speech.


"I stand here today as proof that you can live a normal and empowered life with mental illness."

Demi had the DNC crowd on their feet and singing along.

She's previously related her song's message of empowerment to Clinton, saying at a campaign rally in January, "I don't think there's a woman more confident than Hillary Clinton."

Check out Demi's speech and full performance below:


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