Demi Lovato Wowed The Audience With Her Powerful Performances On 'American Idol'

Her rendition of "Stone Cold" left us shivering.

Flaming hot and icy cold — that might be the best way to describe the "American Idol" stage last Thursday night. 

All thanks to an incredibly powerful and talented lady, miss Demi Lovato.

Following Kelly Clarkson's tear-jerking cameo on "American Idol" last week, Lovato took the audience on an emotional rollercoaster as well, delivering not one but two astounding performances.


Lovato opened the show together with the "American Idol" top 10. They performed a jaw-dropping rendition of her fierce song "Confident."

After making the audience scream "What's wrong with being confident?" at the top of their lungs, Lovato took a more mellow approach...

Her second song was "Stone Cold," an emotionally charged ballad that made the audience swoon and will likely have the same effect on you:


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