Delta Airlines' New Safety Video Is The 'Internet-est' Thing You'll See Today

Every meme in one video.

At some point over the past few years, airline companies decided that their in-flight safety videos had more potential to showcase personality than merely regurgitating robotic explanations of flying safety measures. We've since been graced with some of the most memorable safety instruction videos, but perhaps Delta Airlines' new super internet-y safety video takes the cake. 

Slightly over six minutes long, it's aptly-titled "The Internet-est safety video on the Internet," stuffed with a supremely long list of meme references. It features a suited air steward going through all the safety guidelines, but stopping every few seconds to incorporate everything from Harlem Shake to Nyan Cat, from Overly-Attached Girlfriend to Charlie Bit My Finger.

Delta general manager of brand communications Julieta McCurry said that the airline decided to liven up their in-flight safety video after discovering that passengers were largely ignoring the important message, according to The New York Daily News. The reason for the extensive number of Internet memes was so that passengers would be able to recognize at least a few of them, McCurry explained. 

In-flight safety videos have presented companies with the golden opportunity to inject some personality into their brand. Virgin America's 2013 safety video took on the spirit of a sleek, catchy music video, and its more than 10 million views indicate its success. Air New Zealand did even better, amassing some 14 million views on its "Lord Of The Rings"-inspired safety video.

Not everyone was thrilled with Delta's new video. Some criticized it as predictable and tired, and others took issue with the corporation's attempt to capitalize on memes, breaking the unspoken rule of meme-sharing by having a commercial agenda. 

See for yourself:


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