'Degrassi' Finds A Home On Netflix. The Best Teen Drama Ever Will Continue Online.

Class is back in session.

Netflix saves the day again. First it was "Arrested Development," then "The Killing," and now "Degrassi," which announced its cancellation just a few days ago, has also been resuscitated by the online network. Netflix will begin airing new episodes of Degrassi — called Degrassi: Next Class — in early 2016, according to a tweet from the company. After airing for 14 seasons, starting in 2001, the show conjures up major nostalgia for many millennials. Though its viewership has dropped off in recent years, Netflix may be betting that, if "Degrassi" is available at the click of a button, more people will tune in. We know we would.

So far, only 20 new episodes (or the length of one season) have been promised. We don't yet know if Netflix will follow its standard distribution model of releasing every episode at once or if it will try a one-at-a-time strategy, like it's currently doing with another Canadian drama, "Between." We do know that "Next Class" will feature new characters, though their specific bios (and the social issues they'll undoubtedly bring to the show) have yet to be announced.

So rejoice, "Degrassi" fans. Your favorite show lives to see another day. Did anyone remember to tell Drake?


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