19 Of The "Deepest" Thoughts We've Read In A While

Brace yourself, it's about to get deep.

As everyone knows, showers are basically steam cookers for your most brilliant revelations. Thoughts like "What if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish?" or "Wow, I really need to buy more shampoo" or "If tomorrow is Garbage Day, today is Garbage Eve" happen on the regular in that genius incubator.

Someone at Edgement gathered some of the best of these profound thoughts Reddit users had shared, and paired them with photos to enhance your shower experience. Shockingly, none of these have been attributed to Jaden or Willow Smith, but they certainly rival their wisdom.


1. On mortality

2. On sensory

3. On criminality

4. On Atlas

5. On storing planets

6. On civil discourse

7. On palendromes

8. On human vehicles

9. On Sun Tzu's legacy

10. On vulnerability

11. On manners

12. On the country

13. On artificial intelligence

14. On the fourth dimension

15. On nomenclature

16. On being

17. On identity

18. On love and war

19. On searching

(H/T: Edgement)

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