One Video Highlights A Decade's Worth Of Viral Dance Moves

Featuring dancers from all over the country.

From The Stanky Leg in 2009 to The Dougie and The Dab in the years that followed, popular dance moves have brought millions of people together in one viral swoop.

Now, a new video from The New Yorker features dancers from all over the country, including ChapKIDZ, The Ron Clark Academy, and the UCLA Bruins Gymnastic Team, highlighting one decade's worth of the viral moves we've all grown to know. 


Take, for example, The Stanky Leg from 2009:

Or The Shmoney Dance from 2014:

And The Quan from 2015:

Though the moves may have changed, one thing stays the same: dance has forever been a brilliant form of self-expression that both amateurs and professionals can embrace.

Which is your favorite? Take a look at all the moves in the video below:


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