Debra Messing Thought She Was Just Playing Speak Out, But Ellen Had Other Plans

"You did it to me again!"

No celebrity is safe from Ellen DeGeneres and her love of scaring people. Will & Grace star Debra Messing learned that lesson the hard way during her appearance on Monday's show, and we can't stop laughing.

The host managed to time the scare when Messing was least expecting it — during a game of Speak Out, which Messing bragged about being "extraordinarily good" at. If you've never played it before (or seen DeGeneres play it with her guests), the game involves one person reading phrases with their mouth held open for their teammate to guess what they're saying.


Things started out normally enough, with Messing proving just how good she really is by getting DeGeneres to correctly guess a sentence about crocodiles. It was during the second clue, as Messing struggled to pronounce "pugs," when a show employee dressed as a nun (likely a reference to DeGeneres' old Will & Grace character Sister Louise) jumped out of the table.

"You did it to me again!" Messing said, after falling dramatically onto the floor and removing her mouthpiece. "You did that to me last time!"

"Well, welcome back," DeGeneres responded with a laugh. We'd say she should do scares like this more often, but that might ruin the surprise.

Check out Messing's hilarious reaction in the video below:


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