This Powerful Open Letter To Young Men Of Color Comes From What Might Be An Unexpected Place

"You will not let this world change you. You will change this world."

Spoken word artist Fong Tran understands that he might not be the person people expect to speak out about oppression, but his powerful open letter to other young men of color proves that he knows what he's talking about.

"I want to begin this letter by saying that I'm sorry, I'm sorry because statistically speaking, you will become a statistic," Tran says poignantly in the Oct. 28 video he uploaded.


In the video, he rattles off devastating statistics that seem to indicate a deck stacked against young people of color, and ties them to the stories of "innocent fallen soldiers" whose have deaths captured the headlines, including that of 17-year-old high school student Trayvon Martin.

"You will be America's most wanted, because you will be America's most hated stereotype," he says. 

But the tone of the spoken word letter soon changes. Tran encourages young people of color to work together and fight back against the obstacles they face. His words are an impossibly empowering and eloquent call to action.

"You are destined beyond the statistics that bind you down," he says with a nod to activists Richard Aoki and Malcolm X. 

"You will be a champion. You will not let this world change you," he continued. "You will change this world."

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