Women Speak About Their First Period, Prove It's Just As Funny As It Is Terrifying

"My immediate thought was 'oh s*it, this is where I'm gonna die.'"

Underwear brand Dear Kate asked more than 20 women to speak about their "first time."


No, not the time they went "all the way." The other first, which is just as important in a woman's life as sex.

Their answers reveal what a tragicomic event a girl's first period is.

Full of confusion, fear and embarrassment, a day that's hard to forget.

And then come the awkward salutations...

To most girls, their "first day of womanhood" can be... difficult.

"Our goal with the film is to reframe the moment of getting your period so it's just as talked about and has just as much cachet as the time you first had sex, if not more," says Dear Kate.

The "First Time" video is a great way to show women that talking about their period is nothing shameful and can be hilarious instead of gross. 

After all, menstruation is an important part of a female reproduction. As Dear Kate puts it, "Sometimes periods are stressful. Sometimes periods are awesome. Sometimes periods are unexpected. But they're always worth talking about."

Watch the full video below.

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