Here's How To Deal With Stress And Be Your Happiest Self Over The Holidays

Deep breaths.

While the holidays can be a great time, they can also be extremely stressful. 

So to help us be our happiest selves this season, Happify, a website and app with science-based activities and games for a happier, healthier life, recently released an infographic filled with tips and tricks on how to combat stress this holiday season. 

First, the infographic notes the two leading stressors during the holidays: a lack of time and a lack of money. 

To reduce these stressors, Happify suggests practicing meditation and eating mindfully, as well as adjusting your expectations for the holidays, and unplugging from email and social media. They also recommend giving thanks, because "acknowledging your gratitude regularly will help you feel better."

Be sure to check out the full infographic below for more tips: 


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