Woman Uses Sign Language To Explain Everything That's Wrong With The Way Society Treats Mothers

Always too much. Never enough.

Bathtubs are supposed to be calm and relaxing, right? So we assume you have to be REALLY pissed over something if you decide to videotape your next rant while sitting in a bubble bath.

This was exactly the case for Michelle Lane, a 29-year-old vlogger from Austin, Tex.

Lane, who goes by the vlogger name Nostril_Curl, is a single mother of two. She is also deaf and uses American Sign Language to communicate with her fans. In her recent video, Lane highlights all the ugly ways society judges mothers and mothers-to-be. 

And she couldn't be more accurate.


Lane starts off with an easy example: say an 18-year-old got pregnant. Most people would say she's too young to have kids and needs to focus on her own life first.

Now, take someone who's 33 and it becomes, 'Oh no, this woman is too old, it's unhealthy,' etc.

And remember — these are just the 'gosh, she is pregnant' reactions.

It gets so much worse after that, but Lane has a perfect response to all this madness.

In her video, Lane touches on the hurtful double standards toward abortion, welfare, toxic relationships and more.

She also offers a refreshing perspective on dealing with all this pressure: people will judge no matter what you do, so do what's best for YOU.

Lane told BuzzFeed Life the incentive to make this video arose from her own experience of being judged for having kids.

"I get judged all the time for my deafness. Every time I'm at a store, at a park with my kids. They don't think we (deaf) people should have children because we carry the genes of deafness," said Lane.

Watch the full video below and share if you agree.


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