These Deaf Filmmakers Beautifully Interpret Phillip Phillips' "Home"

A new way of experiencing a great song.

Deaf Film Camp is a two-week-long camp in Old Forge, N.Y., held for deaf and hearing-impaired teenagers with an interest in pursuing careers in filmmaking. 

Their mission, it writes on its website, is "to empower campers with the ability to tell stories on film by providing hands-on access to state-of-the-art equipment and the guidance of experienced filmmakers in the beautiful setting of Camp Mark Seven, while providing a fun-filled summer experience that can transport them beyond their everyday lives."

The video you're about to see was created and produced by the campers.


It's an ASL interpretation of Phillip Phillips' song "Home."

The song will immediately sound familiar to most people. What's worth noting, of course, is that many of the people involved in the creation of this video could not have heard it at all. The interpretation, then, is largely based on the raw text of the lyrics. 

What makes it so interesting is how the song acquires additional depth in its ASL interpretation.

Their experience of the song is communicated in the video. This interpretation reveals aspects of the song that we might not have noticed. By hearing the song, we embed passages of it with certain emotions or ideas due to the evocative quality of music. Seeing it interpreted both in ASL and in the medium of film/video shows that there are different ways of imagining it: there is no "correct" interpretation. There is only the experience and the attempt to communicate it. 

It's an interesting glimpse at storytelling through a different experience of the world.

Check out the complete video here ...

For more on Deaf Film Camp, check out its official website.


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