Deadpool Crashes Stephen Colbert's Monologue And Gets In A Few Digs At Ryan Reynolds

"You're absolutely right, Jimmy."

Stephen Colbert got a surprise visit from Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool on The Late Show Tuesday night. The foul-mouthed superhero crashed the host's monologue to promote his new movie Deadpool 2 and tell a few one-liners of his own. "Please, guys, no one stand up," he told the audience. "It's CBS. I know how old your audience is."


Deadpool also got in a few digs at none other than Ryan Reynolds, whom he he said was "like the poor man's version of Ryan Reynolds." Later, when Colbert announced that Jamie Foxx was on the show, Deadpool declared, "And thank God Mr. Blake Lively is not" (referencing a recent nickname the actor embraced).

When Colbert suggested Deadpool leave so he could finish his monologue, the red-suited jokester told him, "You're absolutely right, Jimmy." (Whether he was confusing him with Fallon or Kimmel, we just don't know.) He then suggested he should be the one to read the rest of the monologue, which Colbert found amusing.

"Oh, really? You think you can do this? Stand and read jokes?" the host asked. "You know, in our own way, we late-night hosts are basically superheroes."

"Because you're all mostly White men?" Deadpool wondered, before snatching Colbert's glasses and facing the camera.

See how Deadpool handled Colbert's political jokes below:


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