Deadpool Pitches In On The 'Deadpool' Honest Trailer To Get Meta About Being Meta

We get it, he swears a lot.

In case you've been completely avoiding superhero movies recently, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, you should know that Deadpool is certifiably A Big Deal. It's the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, a return to glory for hard-luck wise guy Ryan Reynolds, and a very refreshing remix of typical superhero storylines.

Well, sort of. Popular YouTube channel Screen Junkies has come out with it's latest Honest Trailers edition, putting Deadpool on blast for pretty much sticking to the formula of the genre it's supposed to be subverting. In keeping with the break-the-fourth-wall style of the film, though, Deadpool himself joins in to make fun of his own film, an overload of self-referential play that is almost enough to make your head explode.

That said, it's one of the better videos of the Honest Trailers series, never taking itself too seriously and acknowledging that, you know what, the film was pretty good and a lot of people liked it. If that's not enough to make you love Ryan Reynolds in his foul-mouthed role of a lifetime, please direct your attention to actual serious things he's done to promote the film, such as smack superhero movies' sexist marketing and teach young men about testicular cancer.

On the other hand, if you're just looking for more vulgarity, check out Betty White's review of Deadpool. That should get you going.


Watch the full Honest Trailer below:

(H/T: Complex)

Cover image: Screen Junkies via YouTube


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