Before He Officially Retires, David Ortiz Takes On A Job As An Undercover Lyft Driver

Earning those extra bucks!

Lyft has definitely perfected the art of the prank.


The company previously recruited celebrities Demi Lovato and Shaquille O'Neal to drive unsuspecting customers around while asking them questions about themselves. 

Somehow, they just never have the slightest clue who their driver actually is.

Before he officially hangs it up and retires from work life, David "Big Papi" Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox has become the latest to take part in the prank.

Even with his signature beard, the customers — in Boston — have no idea they are riding around with No. 34. Posing as "Dani," he first goes through his signature ritual of spitting in his hands and rubbing them together. A bit odd for a Lyft driver, but whatever gets you safely from points A to B.


Along the ride, he talks about the terrible drivers in New York, posing for a selfie with the president, and asks them who their favorite player is on the Red Sox. One woman says she has some David Ortiz gear and wears his shirts, to which he responds, "All of my shirts are his shirts."

Needless to say, she is a bit confused about that last statement. It will all make sense soon. Watch the prank below:


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