'Stranger Things' Star David Harbour's Penguin Dance Comes With An Important Message

"They don't have Netflix."

Stranger Things star David Harbour knows how to harness the power of Twitter to make dreams come true — including his own. The star has already received enough retweets to appear in a fan's senior photos and to officiate a couple's upcoming wedding. Now he's dancing with penguins in Antarctica, thanks to an agreement with Greenpeace.

Last month, Harbour asked the organization how many retweets he would need to make it happen. The answer was 200,000, and his fans totally delivered. He recently set out on his Antarctic adventure, and has been sharing photos and videos on social media. That includes footage of him doing his famous "Hopper dance" with the penguins.

"You guys seen Stranger Things? It's on Netflix," he tells the penguins in a Twitter video posted Monday night. He then breaks into the fan-favorite dance performed by his character, Chief Jim Hopper, on the sci-fi series. 

But the trip was about more than just dancing. As Harbour explains in another video from the trip, he thought it would just be "silly," but instead "it's turned into kind of another thing, about protecting the Antarctic waters." The actor linked to an online petition from Greenpeace to create an "Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary," which would be the "largest protected area on earth."

"It's sort of humbled me, and my narcissism," Harbour admits in the video. "So now I don't feel like dancing with penguins. I feel like being very humble."

However, he went on to joke, "Sometimes as an actor you have to do things that you don't want to do." We're glad he's using his Twitter clout to not only have some fun, but also support an important cause — and give back to his feathered friends.


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