This 350-Pound Running Back Is Proof That It's All About How You Play The Game


When it comes to running backs, you'll have a tough time finding one more powerful than David Fangupo.

In the video above, from Fangupo's days at Kealakehe High School in Hawaii, the 350-pound running back is seen bowling over basically anyone that gets in his way.

The average weight of an NFL running back is 215 pounds, so a high school running back weighing in at 135 pounds more is enough to get people buzzing.

"Honestly, I never really got tackled," Fangupo told ESPN's Rick Reilly in 2013. "I just get tired and fall down."

In sports, and especially in football, it is common to put someone's talent in a box based on their size. Fangupo is a friendly reminder that you don't have to be tall and thin to be a wide receiver, or lean to be a running back, you just need to be good. 

Today, Fangupo has shed about 25 pounds and transitioned to defensive tackle at Cerritos College


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