This Brilliant Mashup Turns Pokémon GO Into A Dramatic Nature Documentary

"It is, of course, a bird."

Even if you don't know Sir David Attenborough's name or face, you definitely know his voice. 

The legendary British naturalist has narrated and written documentaries for over 60 years, with the Planet Earth series being the most well known. His calm, soothing voice has explained some of the most amazing aspects of the natural world, inspiring generation after generation to take care of our planet and all of its inhabitants.

Thanks to the internet, Attenborough's talents have now been lent to one of the greatest sensations of 2016: Pokémon GO.


The video was posted by Lovin Dublin's Facebook Page and has since gotten over 3 million views. 

Pokémon GO has already been embraced by biologists who are all too happy to answer questions for those who are encountering real wildlife while playing the game, but this video brings the experience to an entirely new level. 

Hearing Attenborough's voice narrate the lives and characteristics of Pokémon as if they were real creatures is almost enough to make you feel bad about trapping them inside of a container the size of a baseball and then pumping them up with supplements before they fight to the death. Almost.

Check the incredible mashup here:

This video will definitely stick with you next time you head out to search for Pokémon.

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