What If Straight Men Were Asked The Same Cliché Questions Gay Men Are Asked?

Would you ask a straight guy these? Nope.

Why do gay guys always get asked the same questions over and over again?


YouTubers Davey Wavey and Riyadh Khalaf flipped some of the more ridiculous questions he and other gay men have been asked in a recent video, and posed them to straight men instead. 

"When did you realize you were straight?" they asked the men. "Why do straight people flaunt their sexuality and hold hands?"

Listening to the litany of questions, it's clear why people would rather just not be asked. The answers the straight men give are simple, and incredulous — there's no big, philosophical reason to hold hands or love someone. You just do.

Whether we realize it or not, when we ask these questions in an attempt to perhaps be polite and understanding, we are actually being rude and intrusive. Before asking someone these, we should think to ourselves, "Would I like to be asked these questions? Would I ask a straight person these questions?"

The answer, for the most part, is no, we wouldn't. No one asks a straight man why he feels the need to hold a woman's hand in public. No one would think twice about asking a straight man when he told his parents he liked girls. 

Asking someone these questions, the video suggests, is taking them out of a world that sees them as equal and instead putting them in a box that separates them as different.

First, Wavey and Khalaf ask for a clarification on what it means to be straight.

You know what it means, stop it.

Which leads them to their next question:"What man hurt you?" 

The guy responded with the perfect "What the heck are you talking?" face. 

Wavey also asked what the correct "PC" term is for straight people. None of the straight guys really had a good answer. One just said, "I'm not really into labels, I think everyone is human."

 When the question is flipped, it's super clear how asking it to a person who likes the same sex is kind of... basic and pointless.

It makes sense that, as the world has changed over the last decade and became more open, these types of questions surfaced and may have helped for humans to understand other people that at first seemed different.

But we have come to a point where these questions are ridiculously oversaturated and often inappropriate.

So, stop being repetitive and watch the full video below.


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