Dave Grohl Proves He's The Real Hero When He Invites This Crying Fan Onstage

"I love you man, thank you."

Foo Fighters' frontman Dave Grohl is known for doing awesome things at the band's shows. Like when he invited a fan onstage to play the drums because it was his birthday. Or when he broke his leg while performing, but soldiered on anyway.

This time, Grohl outdid himself at a concert in Colorado. While the Foo Fighters played an acoustic version of "My Hero," the singer spotted a man we only know as Anthony tearfully singing along and proceeded to bring the entire stadium's attention to the emotional fan. 

(Some explicit language ahead.)


Then, Grohl invited the man onstage to join the band on one of their biggest hits.

"I love you man, thank you," Grohl said, when he spotted Anthony welling up. "Holy sh*t. F*ck that speech I was just about to make. I'm going to sing to you right now ... I'm going to sing this to your crying grown-man *ss right now."

Grohl then got up on his crutches as he and the rest of the audience sang to Anthony, who even contributed a few bellows into the mic.

Needless to say, everyone had an incredible time at the concert, especially Anthony. 

Watch Dave Grohl prove he's actually the best guy:

Update: Anthony revealed to KBCO radio after the incident that his mother died six months ago, and when he was the concert, he had just returned from putting his mother in a crypt in Europe. He called Grohl a "super cool dude."


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