Dave Grohl Reflects On Chris Cornell And Chester Bennington, Advises Others To Take Mental Health Seriously

"Depression is a disease."

Trigger warning: This post discusses suicide.

The deaths of music icons Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington this year have opened up new conversations about depression and suicide. Bennington's band Linkin Park even set up a tribute page of resources for people in crisis.

This week, fellow musician Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters bandmate Taylor Hawkins shared their own perspectives on mental health during an appearance on New Zealand radio station The Rock FM. They discussed the importance of removing the stigma attached to conditions such as depression, and understanding that it can affect anyone — no matter how famous or successful they are.


"Depression is a disease, and everybody kind of goes through it in their own way," Grohl said, sharing that his heart goes out to the family and friends of those who die by suicide. "I think that mental health and depression is something that people should really take seriously. There's a stigma attached to it that's unfortunate, because just as you can take care of yourselves in every other way, I think it's important that people really try to take care of themselves in that way too."

Grohl himself has a personal connection with the subject, as he was formerly a member of the band Nirvana, whose lead singer Kurt Cobain died by suicide in 1994. He opened up last year about how Cobain's death inspired him to live life to the fullest and move forward with starting his own band, saying, "It honestly changed so much of my life that I felt the most important thing was just appreciating being alive, good day or bad day."

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins chimed in during the interview to point out that problems like depression don't discriminate based on success, and someone can seem like they have it all together but really be suffering.

"It doesn't matter what's in your bank account, or how many hits are on your YouTube page, or all that crap," he said. "It all goes out the window if you're not feeling right."

He went on to share that Chris Cornell's band Soundgarden was a "big inspiration" for the Foo Fighters, and how sad he was that Cornell would never release another album.

"If it looks like someone's down, way down, check on them," Hawkins said.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK to speak with a trained counselor.

(H/T: NME)


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