16 Hilarious Photos Perfectly Capture What It's Like Being A New Dad

"Have fun and focus on the sheer joy."

When his daughter, Alice Bee, was born, photographer Dave Engledow knew he wanted to be the best father he could be, and, like most first time dads, was a little bit anxious about making that happen. But while new parent nerves are a near universal occurrence, how he handled them was not. 

Engledow funneled his worries into a comically collaborative photo project with his daughter. After the project gained a following online, it was published as as the photobook "Confession's Of The World's Best Father."

The project, which features Engledow's cartoonishly inept "World's Best Father" character and little Alice working in concert, perfectly captures what it's like being an overwhelmed and overworked new dad -- and exactly why, despite the demands, no parent would change a thing.

"Concentrate and focus on the now," Engledow told People. "Everyone will tell you that the years go by amazingly fast, and I can say that these first three years have gone by in the blink of an eye. It seems like just yesterday that Alice was born. So it's really important to have fun and focus on the sheer joy that happens in the midst of all the craziness."

Check out the photos below.


"But I only had my head turned for a second..."

Washing everything till it shines.

Getting the bedtime routine down pat.

"Not sure Mom would be pleased if she knew you were helping."

On a mission.

Definitely not going to end well.

Ready for the spotlight.

"This chili recipe doesn't say anything about adding a child, Alice."


Making s'mores.


The whole family at Thanksgiving dinner.

Monkeying around.

Like Engledow said, a word to the wise: cherish your kids while they're little, because sooner or later, they'll be taking care of you.

"Terrific service at this restaurant, don't you think?"

"You're the wind beneath my wings."

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