Watch As Daughters Show Parents Their Tattoos And Then Wait For The Plot Twist

"She thinks I'm doing a puppy video right now, so..."

In a video for Buzzfeed, Jennifer Levinson and Dasha Dorlant talk about wanting to get tattoos, despite knowing how much their parents would hate it.

"I have occasionally brought it up to my mom and she freaks out," Levinson says.

So, naturally, they decide to pull a little prank: "She thinks I'm doing a puppy video right now, so..."


WIth the help of HookUp Tattoos, Levinson and Dorlant get tattoos painted and airbrushed onto their bodies that could definitely pass as real.

Then, they show them to their parents, claiming to have really gotten these tattoos without telling them first.

How did they take it? (Hint: not too well)...

(Insert awkward laughter.) "Are you joking is it real?"

"You didn't think about asking me or calling me or telling me?"

And then comes the plot twist.

"I have one more thing to tell you," Levinson says. At much to the relief of their parents, the women admit this whole tattoo thing is one big prank.

Nailed it.

Watch the full video below:

Plus, check out what happens when guys pull off the same prank with their parents, too.

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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