Daughters Makeover Their Mothers' Style To Help Them Break Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Would your mom wear this?

If you could change your mom's style, would you?

In a new video for Refinery29three daughters try giving their mothers makeovers for various reasons: to show off their figures, push boundaries, break them out of their comfort zones, and, as one participant named Lucie explains with regards to her own mother, take "it back to before you considered yourself a mom and started dressing the way society wants moms to dress."

"Just don't make me look ridiculous, that's all," Gina's mother adds before her daughter picks her out a new outfit.

The women pick out trendy pieces like flared and wide leg pants, a simple t-shirt, a leather jacket, and leopard print booties. 

Then comes the reveal.  


Though Gina's mom doesn't think she would wear her new outfit in her normal life, Lucie's mom is ready to walk off the set in the outfit she's rocking. 

"I actually feel great! The top is adorable, it's comfortable, the pants do remind me of things I had in the past ... I feel like I wouldn't fade into the background now if I walked in someplace," she says.

And that exciting sense of confidence is something we think all moms deserve. 

Be sure to watch the full video below for more:


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