In This Heartwarming Open Letter, A Daughter Uses An Ordinary Experience To Showcase The Extraordinary Work of Single Fathers

"Single dads don't get the credit they deserve; especially mine and all dads who are left playing both roles."

Most days, the tireless work parents do for their children goes unnoticed, much less recognized or appreciated.


Sure, kids love their parents, but they don't always show it.

But on Tuesday, March 28, Tiana Sheehan wrote a heartwarming letter to her single father, Glenn Sheehan, that — since being posted to the Love What Matters Facebook page — has resonated with more than 41,000 people. In the letter, Sheehan recounted what for many would be just an everyday experience of walking through the grocery store and overhearing a mother help her daughter pick out a razor for the first time. For her, however, that simple moment meant so much more. 

 "I felt that little punch in the gut that I normally feel when I see a mom and daughter doing mom and daughter things," Sheehan, whose mother died 14 years ago, wrote in the post. "I can't help it." Normally such moments make Sheehan feel "sad or jealous," but this time, she giggled and was "transported back to a similar moment" she shared with her dad. 

The summer after Sheehan's mother died, she was teased at summer camp for having "hairy legs." Not knowing how to shave, she of course went to her father for advice. "I'll never forget the look on my dad's face when I told him I wanted to shave my legs," she remembered. "... I remember coming up to dad and being so embarrassed to ask him for help, but man, did he handle it like a champ!" 

While Sheehan's open letter only mentioned a small, run-of-the-mill experience, it represented the irreplaceable impact he had throughout her childhood. 

"Single dads don't get the credit they deserve; especially mine and all dads who are left playing both roles," she continued. "There was never a time in my childhood where I truly thought I was missing out on anything ..." 

"Dad, I know I haven't said it enough, so here's a big public THANK YOU for never, ever, ever being too much of a man to be my mom," Sheehan declared in the Facebook post.

Besides the more than 41,000 likes, Sheehan's post has received nearly 700 comments of overwhelming positivity and support. Many have called the father-daughter duo "adorable" and "amazing," while others have shared their own single parenting stories. The widespread appeal of Sheehan's story shows how specific moments can transcend into universal experiences. 


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